Eat Your Math Homework

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Tessellating Two-Color Brownies, Fraction Chips, Probability Trail Mix… solving for x has never been so delicious!

Eat Your Math Homework: Recipes for Hungry Minds (Illustrated by Leeza Hernandez)

It’s after school. It’s a beautiful day, but you’re stuck inside with a bulging backpack full of homework. There’s no escape…. Or is there? Could homework ever be actually fun? Especially math homework?

Yup, with this book it is! I mean, who can resist whipping up a batch of Fibonacci Snack Sticks? Or, divvying up seconds of Variable Pizza Pie? Introducing a tasty new way to meet your daily requirement for fractions, probability, and other math must-haves. This more-than-a-cookbook includes recipes along with fun math activities.

See what the press has to say.

…a book with a million uses. Eat Your Math Homework understands that sometimes making an idea delicious is the best way to cement a concept in the heads of your intended audience. Bunnies. Edibles. Math. Yum.”  –School Library Journal

“For kids who already love math, the projects and ‘Math Appeteasers’ in the book offer a creative outlet to dig deeper. For kids who find math intimidating, the book is a hands-on (and mouth-on) way to make patterns, geometry, and probability less mysterious.”  –PBS Parents

“Mischievous, gap-toothed bunnies rendered in mixed-media collage explore math in the kitchen in this clever activity book.” –Publishers Weekly

“A yummy way to get parents and kids to more deeply understand math…and spend some time together in the kitchen.”  –Kirkus Reviews

“There is no question that cooking involves math skills, from simple addition to the more complicated concepts like infinity and tessellations that McCallum whimsically explains in her book. With lessons/recipes for Fibonacci Snack Sticks and Probability Trail Mix, you’ll eat well and learn something in the process. I know I did.” –ChopChop Magazine

“This collection of nutritious recipes and fun math facts tempts taste buds and challenges young minds at the same time.” –Kiwi Magazine

For more fun and games, including loads of new math recipes, please visit my blog.

Eat Your Math Homework is published by Charlesbridge.

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