The Secret Life of Math

The Secret Life of Math

(Illustrated by Carolyn Norton)

Winner of the ForeWord Magazine GOLD book of the year award.

Discover how (and why) numbers have survived from the cave dwellers to us! Add to that an even greater question:

How is it that math was developed in such amazingly similar ways by distant peoples who had no communication with one another (and didn’t even know of one another’s existence?

On this secret sleuthing adventure, you can:

  • Take the abacus challenge using an abacus you make yourself
  • Write and do math using Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics
  • Make and use a double tally stick with hatch marks

As you discover the real purpose of numbers and math, you’ll solve the mystery of its longevity- and have fun along the way!

Lesson Plans for Teachers: The Secret Life Lesson Plan

Activities for Children:

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