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The Story of Rabbits… and the Fibonacci Sequence

A quick ‘math’ story for you: Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to garden. This girl liked to work in the garden to plant peas, weed watermelon, and grown all sorts of tasty and interesting fruits … Continue reading

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Musings on Kids and Math

I’ve been thinking a lot about kids and math these days. Certainly, there’s been a lot of work to promote Eat Your Math Homework and with it, I’ve met lots of people who either, a) Love math and love the … Continue reading

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Little Old Lady Gingerbread Pi

Arithmetica: Here again and feeling hungry (for some math munchies)! So who’s in the mood for pi… er, pie, that is? Hey, have you ever been in a pie eating contest? Would you like to participate in a pi-calculating contest- … Continue reading

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