Cylinder Roll-Ups


These hearty cylinders are perfect for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner! And, they are as easy to make as it is easy to say ‘I love geometry’.  (I LOVE GEOMETRY!

Cylinders are interesting shapes and very popular. Look around the house for other examples of cylinders… What did you find? A tuna fish can? A pencil holder? The trash can in your bedroom? It’s really fun to find the surface area of a cylinder– that is, the total area on the outside of the shape. Take the tuna fish can, for example. It’s pretty easy to figure out the area around the can. You can just take off the label and multiply the length times the width of the flattened out label.

How about the top and bottom of the can, though (The top and bottom base) ? What shape are they? How do you find the area of a circle?

Area of a circle=  

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Soooo, the surface area of a cylinder is actually two circles + the flattened out ‘label’ of the height.

Ready to make the Cylinder Roll-Ups?

What you need:

1 egg

1 cup milk

1 cup pancake mix

1 tablespoon taco seasoning (optional)

pre-cooked turkey or beef breakfast sausages

What you do:

1. Spray a non-stick pan with cooking spray and allow to heat.

2. Mix all ingredients except the sausages. Beat thoroughly.

3. Have an adult pour about 1/8 cup of the mixture onto the warm pan. When the pancake bubbles, use a spatula to turn it over.

4. When the pancake is cooked on both sides, carefully place a sausage inside and roll it up.

5. Make a stack of Cylinder roll-ups, but be careful. They might not stay ‘around’ very long!!


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