“Double Z” Launches–now I Bite my Lip!

The proofs are approved! The proofs are approved! ‘Double Z: Day of the Mantid’ will now be available in both print version and eBook format. It is humbling to get to this stage–but this is when I bite my lip and cross my fingers. Will people like the book or will it be a flop?

Like an author-a-holic, this is when I obsessively check to see if anyone else has reviewed the book–only every 10 minutes or so! Okay, maybe not that bad, but I think that every author must go through this secret (or not so secret) stalking of their Amazon page. How many sales? How many reviews? How many 5 stars? Any 3 stars, or, gulp, 1 or 2 stars?

Phew- at least a few people like it so far. Here is some praise for the book so far. Thank you, people!

“I recommend this book as both an avid reader and as a teacher. Your students will giggle and laugh throughout. I don’t want to give away any secrets but the description of the principal taking over the classroom was hysterical. And the ending, showing growth in decision making on Zach’s part, doesn’t hurt either.” –Ann Dallman

“Love it! In a way, it reminds me of The Tale of the Fourth Grade Nothing.  I plan to check out your other books–especially the math and science books.” –Majetta Morris

“Zach Zinsky is quirky and self-conscious in the way that loved children are. As the mother of a boy, I recognized him as real right away, and I think that children will, too. One of the things I liked best was the quiet way the author let Zach and his teacher, Ms Paradise, come to an understanding. Some children’s stories hammer home the message. This one delivers its nuances with delicacy and grace. What an enjoyable way for parents to coax even reluctant readers into the written word.” –Marilyn Kupetz

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