Getting Around with Perimeter…

Perimeter means the distance around something- like the fence around a garden to keep the deer from pilfering your plants. Or, the boards around a sandbox that keep the sand from seeping. Or a picture that frames your family. Okay, enough annoying alliteration… Now, get your head around this idea: how many Oreos (or other cookies or candies) is it going to take to go around the perimeter of your own Perimeter Pound Cake? Ten? A Hundred? (I hope not- that’s a lot of Oreos!) Try it out and while your cake is cooking, plan on a perimeter party. (Sorry- additional alliteration!)  Take a tour around your house. What examples of perimeter can you find? Look down onto the floor. Look up onto the walls and ceiling. Look inside and out. How many perimeter examples can you find in five minutes? Oh, and don’t forget to check on that cake. I hope it tastes terrific!

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