Introducing Magical, Mathematical Recipes

Cooking with Kids | Math Games | Kids in the KitchenWelcome to THE place to get your very own delicious, mouth- watering, math-smacking recipes! In this blog, you will have access to monthly MATH recipes such as:

  • Snow White Dwarf Cakes (In which Snow White makes triangular numbers)
  • Just Right Porridge (In which Goldilocks adds variable ingredients)
  • Princess and the Pea Casserole (In which the Princess makes estimates of really big numbers)

You will also get a SNEAK peak at my latest book: EAT YOUR MATH HOMEWORK: Recipes for Hungry Minds. (Coming out July 1, 2011 from Charlesbridge)

Lastly, you will get to meet Arithmetica, a charming, if not COMPLETELY MATH-OBSESSED girl who will follow along with us.

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