Kitchen Symmetry

Symmetry has to do with being equal.

Sort of like 3/4  and 6/8?

Nope, symmetry is not quite like that. It does mean equal, but in a different way.

Do you mean something like 3 + 4 EQUALS 7?

No, not that either. There are three kinds of symmetry, actually, but the easiest one is called line symmetry or reflectional symmetry.

Reflection? As in looking at yourself in a mirror?

Yes, that is getting closer. A two-dimensional figure has line symmetry when you fold it in half, and the two sides match up exactly (coincide). Here’s an example:

Imagine if you folded this letter A at the line, the two sides would match up exactly. This letter is said to have one line of symmetry. What other letters have at least one line of symmetry?

Another kind of symmetry is called plane symmetry. If you had a ball and cut it exactly in half, the two sides of the sphere would be reflections of each other.

What things can you find in your kitchen that have symmetry? Maybe the two sides of a hotdog bun? Maybe an apple, cut in half? Or, how about two pieces of bread, laid out side by side? What else can you find?

For more information on symmetry, you might want to follow this link:  (or use a search engine to find other examples of symmetry)

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