Parsec Pizza Contest

Okay, so it’s been a little while since I have posted. . . But, I thought I’d do something a little different (and a lot fun). Here is a poem (disclaimer: I’m not a poet so read at your own peril) to get your creative juices flowing. What kind of alien food can you can come up with? That’s it– no rules about ingredients, length, style, or difficulty. Just… a recipe that you consider out of this world! Please leave a comment with your name and recipe and I will randomly choose a winner who will win a free copy of EAT YOUR MATH HOMEWORK: RECIPES FOR HUNGRY MINDS. Whoo Hoo! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. This event will close Feb. 28, 2013. Have fun!

A boy didn’t burp in a world far away

Didn’t sleep in the night, or wake up during day

He didn’t have toenails, so no need to be clipped

He didn’t wear pants, so no need to stay zipped

He didn’t get haircuts; he didn’t have hair

(But his noses were handsome; he had a nice pair)

He looked oh-so-different; his world was quite wrong

He talked in a talk that sounded like song.

There was just one thing that made a connection

A scrumptiously sweet alien kind of confection

Cause that far-away being- his name was Zagook

Loved to eat food and even knew how to cook.

One day came some guests, in two real UFO’s

Zagook ran to his kitchen to make Sloppy-Joes

For he knew that the aliens had made a long trek

They were prob’ly all starving, having come a parsec

Zagook served up a feast to ensure good relations

Between the realm of Zubooks, and all human nations

Will you share all your recipes? We love every one!

Zagook smiled as he said, “Consider it done!”

The following is a cookbook, Zagook put together

(He cut out the pages and bound them in leather)

You can share this good food and some interesting data

Remember: some say tomato and some say tomata!

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