Summer Reading the Kids are Craving!

Bunny eats Milk and Tangram Cookies

JUNE, 2011— The countdown to summer is on. Kids are eating up an exciting new book that helps satisfy hungry minds and fill in the gaps between camp, vacation, or days too hot to spend outside. Eat Your Math Homework: Recipes for Hungry Minds (Charlesbridge, July 1, 2011), is the coolest math book for kids, filled with the hottest recipes for one gourmet summer.
This collection of nutritious recipes and fun math facts tempts taste buds and challenges young minds at the same time.” — Kiwi Magazine
Spice up summer with sizzling Fracton Chips!
Create a pool party with Variable Pizza Pi. Freeze fruity treats with Fibonacci Snack Sticks and re-energize kids with some Probability Trail Mix— and meet the original masters of math with factoids and appeteasers.
Refresh your taste buds with fruity Fibonacci Snack Sticks!
Written by Maryland-based author and teacher Ann McCallum, and illustrated by New Jersey-based artist
Leeza Hernandez, the book breezes through the season with simple but delicious recipes that help kids explore math and add a little sizzle to long, lazy summer days—as well as encourages kids to READ about the masters of math from history.
“Mischievous, gap-toothed bunnies rendered in mixed-media collage explore math in the kitchen in this clever activity book.” — Publishers Weekly

“Tasty is the name of the game with this mathie/foodie concoction…Bunnies. Edibles. Math. Yum.” –School Library Journal

Summer reading the kids are craving!

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